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X-Arcade Controller Solo

Price: AUD$179.95
You Save: AUD$10.00

Remember the old games like Galaga™, Frogger™, Pac Man™, Dig Dug™, Double Dragon™, Street FighterII™ just to name a few?
What if you could relive those games and many more again?

Well you can with the X-Arcade Solo Controller!


  • Built with Industrial Strength Arcade Components
  • Built to withstand fist pounding arcade action
  • Regress to your teen years playing the classics the way they were meant to be
  • Adapts to every major game console such as PS1/2/3™, XBox™Live, Wii™,and DreamCast™ ( Adaptors sold separately $34.95ea)
  • Support for future game consoles
  • M.A.M.E Compatible and many more emulators
  • PC and MAC™ Compatibly (FREE MAC™+ PC  USB Adaptor Included)

What you will receive :

  • X-Arcade Solo Controller
  • FREE PC USB Adaptor
  • FREE 6 FULL VERSION MIDWAY AUTHENTIC GAMES CD FOR PC \'Joust™, Robotron™, Defender™,SmashTV™,Rampage™,and Gauntlet™
  • FREE 30 Day Money Back Guarantee No Questions Asked
  • Lifetime Warranty on Parts*
  • Online Live Techinical Suppor

PC Connection Diagram Below:

Game Console Connection Below:


In Stock: 48


Customer Reviews:

trev  (Monday, 30 June 2008)
Rating: 4
This joystick is pretty much perfect!

The only possible gripe i have is that the PC adapter cable could be a meter or two longer - but a good quality usb extension cable does the trick.

And i guess you could always use a few more in-built key configuration modes to edit / switch around. i could probably use 8 or more, but i can live with the 3 it has quite happily :)

This is as picky as I can possibly get - there simply are not any other faults to find! It stays permanently plugged into my PC, ready to bust out a quick round of street fighter or mortal kombat if i ever have a spare 2 mins. It really does turn mame on your PC into a private home arcade machine.

As for the service - Joe was very helpful with everything, from answering my early questions, through to ordering and pick-up - fast responses and easily contactable.


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