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Price: AUD$359.95

X-Arcade Tankstick™
Relive Thousands Of Arcade Classics The newest addition to Xgaming's award-winning lineup remains faithful to it's arcadian ancestry and injects the most complete and authentic home arcade gaming experience into your home.

Combines Dual Joystick + Real Arcade Trackball! Measuring in at 77cm from side to side, and packed with 11Kg's of heavy-duty industrial grade materials, the X-Arcade Tankstick ™ is a true arcade console built to last.

You don’t have to take our word for it either, we back up its bullet-proof physique with a Lifetime Warranty*.

You can even connect to your existing game systems in minutes and enjoy arcade-style play on your favorite next generation titles!

X-Arcade Tankstick™ Indestructible Benefits

* Indestructible Arcade Authenticity With Lifetime Warranty

* 20 LBS Of Authentic Arcade Parts Ripped From A Real Arcade Machine

* Nifty PS/2 and USB Support

* Trackball Functions As A Standard 3 Button Mouse

* 4 Left/Right Pinball Flipper Buttons

* Enjoy the endless possibilities of retro arcade and next-generation games

* Enhance connections with your kids by hookin' em' on your favorite classics

* Feel like a superhero without the need to dress in tights

* Play Head To Head Fighting Games Like The Local Arcade.

* Withstand Thousands Of Hours Of Button Smashing Action.

* Fully Programmable For Support On Gametap™ Service

* Play Thousands Of Your Favorite Arcade Games Of All Time

* Add-On Adapters Work On Any Game System (no console support for Trackball)

Your X-Arcade™ Kit lets you relive the arcade classics classics like Galaga™, Ms. Pacman™, and gaggles of others on your PC or Mac™.
Your Tankstick™ is also fully compatible with Gametap™ classic gaming service. X-Arcade Tankstick™ Features The Trackball located in the center of your Tankstick™ allows you relive a museum of arcade classics on your PC or Mac™, but since it's recognized as a standard mouse--you can also enhance any of your favorite games that support a mouse, with no drivers or software required.

Enjoy Golden Tee Golf™, Tiger Woods PGA Tour™, Marble Madness™, Centipede™, Simpson's Bowling™ and more with an indestructible arcade trackball ripped from a standup arcade machine!

It's like having your own personal time machine with guaranteed fun for the entire family!

Purchase Adapters To Use X-Arcade™ With Almost Any Game System!

The X-Arcade™ is built to be bulletproof, and so is the warranty that comes with it. XGAMING's Lifetime Warranty covers your X-Arcade™ for LIFE.
It’s that simple. In the event that your X-Arcade™ video game controller can’t take a beating or is defective, XGAMING will either fix it, send you replacement parts, or send you another one.

Toll Free Support, Online Live Help, and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
What's Included

* X-Arcade Tankstick™

* 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

* 100% Fully Serviced Lifetime Warranty

* Toll Free And Online Live Technical Support

* 18 Full Version Arcade Games: * 12 Atari® Classics for PC Use: Asteroids®, Asteroids™ Deluxe, Battlezone®, Centipede®, Crystal Castles™, Gravitar™, Millipede™, Missile Command®, Pong™, Super Breakout®, Tempest® and Warlords®. * Special Bonus: 6 Full Version Midway Titles! Gauntlet®, Defender®, Smash TV®, Robotron®, Rampage® and Joust®.

* Note: 2 USB ports required for high performance gaming

* Joystick/Buttons compatible with existing X-Arcade Adapters

* Trackball operational on PC/Mac™ only

*Fully switchable joysticks from the bottom of the unit (twist left for 4 way action or right for 8 way)


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