Pedestal Tankstick


Complete arcade machine in a pedestal format, simply use your own home TV as your screen! Must have VGA connection on TV

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Product Description

Simply plug in the VGA cable provided into your LCD/PLASMA TV via VGA socket and plug in power chord and turn it on and your away playing all your favourite arcade classics on your very own TV screen!

  • Available in black or white gloss


  • Thousands of games to choose from


  • Fully configurable games list


  • Small footprint


  • Fully Loaded unit with 6000+ games


  • After use can be put away into a cupboard

Whats Included:

  • X-Arcade Tankstick
  • Pedestal Unit
  • Fully Loaded PC with 6000+ all time classic games such as Galaga, Double Dragon, Street FighterII etc


Additional Information

Weight 55 kg