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Product Description

LED-Illuminated And Arcade Perfect
100% Authentic coin-door kit features LED back-light coin-entry with microswitch activator and includes everything you need to start raking in fistfuls of quarters. Optimized for use with MAME, Jamma or any encoder! Commercial-grade arcade coin-op kit!

  • Includes US Quarter Currency Coin Mech
  • Accept International Coins by installing any Happ International Coin Mech
  • Supports 1 coin mechanism, NOT upgradeable to 2
  • Easily add a commercial-grade authentic coin-door to your arcade machine
  • Compatible with any third-party encoder (Ipac, etc)
  • Works with X-Arcade or any normal Arcade Machine (Jamma)
  • Perfect for use with MAMEā„¢
  • Microswitch-activated coin system (6 feet long connection cable included)
  • Unbreakable industrial-grade 16-gauge iron door with black coat finish
  • Illuminated LED backlight with power plug
  • Special connection cable for X-Arcade PCB (Computer Use Only!)
  • Easy installation with included mounting kit and bolts
  • Arcade standard dimensions 8 inches wide x 12 inches tall
  • Single entry coin acceptor with return cup
  • American Coin-Mech supports US Quarter

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What’s Included
Iron Coin Door
US Coin Mech (Accepts US Quarters)
Lock And Key Set
Bolts With Mounting Brackets
Coin-selector Microswitch
LED Backlight With US Power Cable
6 Foot Connectivity Cables For Any Encoder or Interface
Industry-standard Size
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
100% Fully Serviced Lifetime Warranty
Toll Free And Online Live Technical Support
To Install, Use a router to cut for the included coin-door frame.